SR626SW Battery
Battery Specifications
SR626SW Battery

SR626SW is the name of a small 1.55 volt battery.  It is a popular battery for watches and other small electronics.

About the SR626SW Battery
The S stands for its silver-oxide positive electrode terminal.
The R stands for its round shape.
The 626 stands for 6.8 mm diameter, 2.6 mm height.
The second S stands for its sodium hydroxide electrolyte.
The W means the battery meets the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) standard for watch batteries.

How to Find
If you go to your local store, you probably won't find a battery with SR626SW engraved on it.  That is because SR626SW is the generic name.  Some battery manufactures labels their batteries 377 of the same type.  Look for 377 or SR626SW on the package.  It will usually state it replaces SR626SW on the package.

How to Buy Cheaper
The AG4 battery is an alkaline battery with the same size and similar voltage.  It is a compatible battery just like as you could use alkaline or metal hydride/lithium batteries in the same device.  Generic AG4 batteries are a lot cheaper to buy than brand name SR626SW / 377 batteries.  For one brand name SR626SW battery, you can buy 10 or more AG4 batteries.

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